Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Lose

Good grief, I fail at trying to keep two journals. I was originally inspired by my Duck to start this journal as an "all literary" type know...since I've left the bookstore, there's no inspiration out there for me! No bookstore job = no discount = full price books = no books for moi = no reading. Stupid math. :(
Anyway, with the sudden plethora of employment I have soon (wow...I don't know if that's a grammatically correct sentence), hopefully that means I can finally USE this journal like I have always meant to. I just want to be yet another journal that spits out book reviews. One little drop of water in the big ocean of them. Why? Well...why not? Right?

So. Currently, thanks to the generosity of the aforementioned Duck, I have two new books. Phillipa Gregory and Sharon Shinn. Here's hoping.

I plan on trying to curb my reviews to certain genres though. Chick lit (because it's fun, and at WBB I aspired somewhat to be the expert (or one of them) there on chick lit...because someone had to be!), kids and YA and sci-fi/fantasy. Things I know. :)


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