Sunday, January 14, 2007


I am rummaging through my stacks of unread books to decide which one(s) to bring with me to Utah to read on the plane, in those boring quiet moments during the movies while waiting for them to be over so's I can escort the celebrities out of the theatre to their cars, in the quiet moments before bed, etc.

Of course, although all of the aforementioned times when I could be reading occur, I NEVER do read during them. I'm content to stare wide-eyed and slack jawed down at the itty bitty earth as I fly over it (I ALWAYS ask for a window seat!), and when the clouds are all I can see, I usually sleep. While waiting for movies to be over, I'm usually running around to the front and into the theatre to WATCH some of the movie because I'm allowed to! (Go me!) or chatting with the great volunteers, playing cards, or eating, or gazing dreamily at my Festival Crush from last year who will be there again this year. :) He will remain unnamed. (For more information on the Festival Crush, please refer to my livejournal entry from last year regarding said FC!)

Oh wait, those "quiet moments before bed"...yeah...those NEVER happen. It's either party till we drop, or get home tired and go straight to bed. Yeah, there's no reading time before bed. Oh is my list of books I am bringing, or WANT to bring, and then I will weed through because some are hardcover, and I'm an idiot if I bring hardcovers!

The Silent Service: Ohio Class by H. Jay Riker
A Beginner's Guide to Reality by Jim Baggott
Everything Bad is Good for You by Steven Johnson (HC)
Theatre of the Mind by Jay Ingram (HC)

Of course, I'd rather bring all MMs, but only the Riker one is MM. Do I need to go buy more books?! I guess so! (Yes...I needed a valid excuse, and this is IT!)

So...what should I buy? And no Da Vinci Code or I'll never speak to you again! That's not funny.

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