Friday, May 01, 2009

Christian Novel Review

The Shape Of Mercy by Susan Meissner
1400074568 / 9781400074563
A story of three women, all strangers, brought together by an old diary. Okay, so I'll never write successful tag lines for movies. Born into the wealthy Durough family, Lauren struggles everyday with her "destiny". She's not the son she believes her father always wished he had, and wants firmly to make her own mark in the world. Foregoing her family's financial assistance, Lauren takes a job as a literary assistant to Abigail, an elderly retired librarian. Lauren's task is to transcribe the journal of Mercy Hayworth, a young girl accused of being a witch in 1692. Lauren immerses herself into Mercy's life and finds herself being forced to change her own and Abigail's. Lauren ends up discovering that she is everything she thought she wasn't, and that everyone around her can see the truth that she so desperately searching for. I found a lot of the story to be contrived and cliche. There were also plot aspects that I found were unnecessary and seemed "tacked on" at the end - for example, Abigail's "lost love" story.
While I found aspects of the story compelling - mostly Mercy's historical bits - it wasn't enough for me to think of this book as one for my bookshelves.
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